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2015 I-5 Team Championship Format and Guidelines

Posted by on January 10, 2015

I-5 Team Championship Format and Guidelines

The Cog Collective is pleased to announce the 2014 I-5 Team championship.  The event will be held on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at Guardian Games in Portland, OR.  Registration for the event will begin at 10 AM, and we expect the first round to begin at 11 AM.
The I-5 Championship (I-5 Cup and just I5) will use the following rules for team and list construction;
Teams will be composed of five (5) players, including a team captain.  Each team will be allowed an alternate player who may take the place of another player in the event of illness or complication making the original team member unavailable.  This alternate must have their lists submitted along with the remainder of the team.  No player may be an alternate for more than one team. Do not include an alternate with the intention of having them replace a player the team never had any intention of participating in the event.

All players must be 21 years of age, due to the venue.

  • Players should provide two (2) lists for the I5.
  • All lists should be 50 points, following the standard Steamroller 2015 guidelines.  Lists cannot be more than 2 points under the set point level (50) and may not be over points at all.
  • Lists for each player must be from the same faction.
  • Warcasters and Warlocks may not be duplicated within a single team.
  • All other Steamroller guidelines must be followed for list construction.

Event Steamroller rules;

  • The I5 will use the Steamroller 2015 rules.
  • Timing will be on Deathclock, with each player having one (1) hour on their clock.
  • There is no painting requirement
  • All models must be fully assembled (allowances will be made for models that break over the course of play/during transportation.

Team and Match Pairings;
For team pairings the Judges will use the following method;

  • For the first round, team pairings will be randomized, however teams from the same area will not be paired against each other.
  • For subsequent rounds, teams will be paired against each other based on win/loss record and strength of schedule.

For individual match pairings, the following system will be used;

  • Both team captains will be given all of the lists for their opposing teams.
  • The captains will then roll a d6 to determine pairing order.  The high roll has the option of putting forward the first player or responding with the first pair of players.
  • The teams will then have 10 minutes to talk privately.
  • At the end of that interval, both captains will be expected to be at the designated table, and a deathclock will start, with each team having a ten (10) minute timer.
  • The captain who goes first selects one player and puts forward that player with their lists.
  • The second captain then selects two of their players, putting them and their lists forward.
  • The first captain chooses one of the two offered players as a match for their player.
  • The player that was not selected stays forward.
  • The first captain then puts forward two of their remaining players, to match with the player remaining from the previous round.
  • The second captain then selects one of those players to match against their player.
  • The player that was not selected stays forward.
  • Pairing continues until all pairings are set.

Note: With the final pairing, there will be no options as both teams will only have a single remaining player.
This process is somewhat complicated and it is highly recommended that teams and their captains do some pairing practices in advance of the event.

Whenever an action (putting forward a player(s), setting a pairing, etc.) is made by a captain, they will tap their clock, sending the time over to the other captain, and continuing as with a normal deathclock.  If either captain runs out of time, all previous pairing selections are erased and the captain with time remaining on their clock then chooses each of the player pairings.  That captain has one minute to do so.  Any pairings not set by the end of that interval will be randomly determined by the judges.
We will attempt to have all of the pairings start at the same time; however this may not be possible.  The Judge staff asks for your indulgence in attempting to make the event run as smoothly as possible.

Table selection;
Each pair of teams will play on a set of five tables.
The captain of the team that put the first player forward during the player pairings has the option to set the tables for one of his teams matches.  That captain has a limited amount of time to make that selection, in the interest of moving the event forward as quickly as possible.
Note: This has no effect on which side of the table the players play on.  Going first and side selection will follow the standard order of play.

Round Scoring;
Each game will follow the standard Steamroller 2014 tiebreaker guidelines.  Briefly they are;

  • Assassination/Scenario Victory
  • Warcasters/Warlocks remaining in play
  • Control Points scored
  • Army Points remaining on the table (double non-warcaster/warlock points in zones)
  • Army Points destroyed

Once a winner is determined, they will record on the following on their tournament sheet;

  • Opposing Team
  • Opponent
  • Win/Loss/Draw
  • Control points they scored
  • Army points destroyed in opponents army
  • Army points remaining from their army (doubling non-warcaster/warlock points in zones)

Once all winners are determined, one team will be declared the winner of that round using the following criteria;

  • Win/Loss record.  In the unlikely event of a draw then the following will be used to break the tie,
  • Team Control Points scored that round.  If tied,
  • Team Army Points destroyed that round.  If tied,
  • Team Control Points from all previous rounds.  If tied,
  • Team Army Points destroyed from all previous rounds.

Overall winner;
Once there is a single, undefeated team, the event will be over.  The number of rounds will be dependent on the final number of teams.
Team and List submission;
All team compositions must be finalized and submitted to no later than 11:59PM on Thursday, January 15th, 2015.
All lists for the teams must be finalized and submitted to no later than 11:59PM on Sunday, February 7th, 2015.
Once all teams and lists have been received and lists have been validated, they will be posted publicly.  They will be posted on as well as on local forums for the individual stores/areas.

Further guidelines for the day of the event, mostly logistical, will be made available in the weeks before the event; however these will simply cover behavior, entrance fee, prize support, logistics, etc.

There will be a $100 entry fee per team of five players.  This will include lunch and prize support.   There is also food and drink nearby, as well as in the venue itself.  Further, Guardian Games has alcoholic beverages for sale, in bottles, cans and on tap.

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