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I5 Championship, Team Rosters

Posted by on January 23, 2015


Ladies and Gentelmen,

We are proud to present the teams and rosters for the 2015 I-5 Team Championship.  This year we ended up with a total of 10 teams, leaving us with a potential for a four round event.  Without further ado, the teams, published in no particular order;


Team Spokane;

  • Manny
  • Jason
  • Sam
  • Rich
  • Mike

Robby’s Angels (Bellevue, WA);

  • Charles
  • Brent
  • Sam
  • Jacob
  • Alex

Auqa Team Hungerforce (Portland, OR);

  • Chadd Laubacher
  • Elias Smith
  • JC Cervantes
  • Tom Lanxon
  • Brett Cordell
  • Abi Cervantes (Alternate)

Team PDX Gonna Give It To Ya (Portland, OR);

  • Adam
  • Danny
  • Coleman
  • Greg
  • Asher
  • Dennis (Alternate)

Team Haven (Salem, OR);

  • Lucas Gandy
  • Dan Reimer
  • Christian Swayer
  • Greg Hunter
  • Aaron Allen
  • Nathan Wagner (Alternate)
  • Ellie Reimer (Second Alternate by special having baby arrangement)

Team Eugene1;

  • Demian Willett
  • Alex Swanson
  • Robert Stene
  • Mark Davis
  • Ray Chiapuzio
  • Seth Michel (Alternate)

Team Crazy Ivans (Eugene, OR);

  • Brandon Amick
  • Josh Bartlow
  • Eric Michel
  • Charles Sampson
  • Rob Sampson
  • Derek Robinson (Alternate)

Team Eugene3;

  • Kim Buckmaster
  • Tyler MAel
  • Don Palmaymesa
  • Brandon Fry
  • Shashi Baer
  • Sam Fleig (Alternate)

Team Tacoma;

  • Nathan Blackmer
  • Chris Nordman
  • Jared Maggard
  • Marcus Beachamp
  • Justin Crockett
  • Theo Chiro-Miller (Alternate)

Perfect Imbalance (Albany, OR);

  • Jeremy Rand
  • Scott McKnight
  • Nate Owen
  • Roger Munk
  • Tim Baer
  • Gerame Lindgren (Alternate)

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