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New Here?

Warmachine and Hordes are a 28mm tabletop wargame played with miniature models, a tape measure, and dice. It is a game that personifies the adage “easy to learn, difficult to master”. Those that dive into the experience will find a fun and challenging system that ultimately rewards the player the more they learn about the game.

Standard Gaming Ettiquette

  • Open Information – All stats and current game states must be shared to the best of each player’s abilities during game play if asked.
  • Honesty – Players are expected to play honestly. Example: mark model damage correctly.
  • Precise Measurement – Players are expected to make game play measurements as precisely as possible. Example: all measurements should be calculated based on straight lines, do not bend the tape measure to gain advantage.
  • Tight/Clean Game – Players are expected to play accurately and mark all game effects to the best of their ability. Declare intent when activating models, declare spells and targets, mark upkeeps, etc.
  • Sportsmanship – All players are expected to be courteous and respectful to their opponent and those around them. Win graciously, and don’t make a scene if you are losing.

*Note* If you are a new player, it’s ok to make mistakes. These guidelines are meant as a reminder and a goal to strive for.

Game Supplies

Here are a list of gaming supplies and aids that are required. Many of these items may be found already in your household or improvised:


  • Warmachine or Hordes Battlebox (starter boxes are available for each faction in the game. The two player battle boxes for either Warmachine or Hordes are an exceptional value and will give you two factions to experiment with, as well as a rulebook)
  • 6 Sided Dice (recommend a minimum of 5 dice to cover all game contingencies)
  • Tape Measure (a standard US measurement retractable tape measure in inches and feet)
  • Tokens (these are game markers to track the resource system used in the game Focus and Fury. Also used to represent various game states)
  • Card Sleeves (battle damage in the game is marked on game cards for easy reference. By using a plastic card sleeve, game cards can be reused from game to game)
  • Dry Erase Marker (a temporary marking tool)


  • Rule Books (the core rulebooks for Warmachine or Hordes provides all of the initial gaming rules you will need to play their respective systems. Separate faction books are also available as references, but are not required for general play)
  • Game Templates (these are used to assist in measuring various game effects. Example: a magic spell explodes in a 3″ circle, so a 3″ circle template is used to calculate what is affected by the spell)
  • Game Cards (the game cards required to play the game come packaged with the models)